Christine Moloney
blue moon

I was born in Covent Garden, a stones throw away

from the United Grand Lodge, the vibrant market,

and historic Drury Lane where i went to school. My affinity with art started young, i was often to be found playing with the box the toy came in.


I attended Chelsea College of Art and Design and graduated with a BA (Hons) Graphic Design Communication; i followed this with a Masters level PGCE from the Institute of Education.

I lecture on a range of art and design courses from entry level to undergraduate. I am also a member of the IFL.


In addition to my teaching and design work i have

done the odd bit of modelling, and more recently found myself in a film much in the vein of Hammer horror, although i hasten to add no bodices were ripped, no ketchup spilt, and i lived to fight another day. The link is on the left.


I have an interest in esoterica, religion and ancient history, and particularly welcome related design work. If you have an article or book that requires this kind of illustration drop me a line.